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Easy Access to Software and Information (EASI) has been conducting a series of Webinar presentations throughout January and February focusing on social media and accessibility. There are four webinars in this series covering Second Life, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Further details from the EASI site: http://easi.cc/clinic.htm

We did a presentation for the Second Life Webinar on the 25th January. There is a very nice write up of the presentation over at the Emerging Technologies Library Site: http://etechlib.wordpress.com/2010/01/30/easi-webinar-accessibility-in-social-media-second-life/

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We have posted a YouTube video demonstrating the features of our ALTC funded 3D virtual learning platform under development. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxohIjxheS8

There are two main components to the accessibility solution we have implemented:

  • The integration of text to speech and accessible interface controls in the open source 3D Virtual World client, which has been called Access Globe
  • The design and development of a Web 2.0 site, which enables users who are unable to access the 3D Virtual World to log-in to the Website and participate in real-time in any sessions being conducted in the 3D Virtual World
Screen shot showing the Web 2.0 interface used to access Second Life

Web 2.0 interface solution to improve accessibility of 3D virtual learning environments.

The application is ‘light weight’ and also suitable for accessing the 3D virtual world environment via mobile phone.

User accessing our 3D virtual learning environment using a mobile phone

Users can also access 3D virtual worlds via a 'light weight' mobile phone solution

I will be posting updates to the progress on the project to this site. Please feel free to post comments and suggestions about how we can improve our accessibility solutions for people with disabilities who currently experience difficulties accessing 3D virtual worlds.

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