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Denise Wood is Professor or Learning, Equity, Access and Participation at Central Queensland University. She also holds an Adjunct Professorial position in the Faculty of Education at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. Her qualifications include a PhD (Education), Master of Educational Technology, Master of Design, Graduate Certificate in Flexible Learning, Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work. Denise's research focuses on the use of accessible information and communication technologies (ICTs) to increase social and educational participation, as well as the pedagogical benefits of social media in teaching and learning. She is the project leader of a multi-million dollar research project funded by the Australian Government, Department of Education, which aims to improve educational and employment outcomes of young people with disabilities and she has been project leader of four Australian Government, Office for Learning and Teaching funded projects focusing on technology enhanced learning, including a current project focusing on the inclusive design of technology enhanced learning. She is also the project leader of several State Government and industry funded projects and a chief investigator and project leader with the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre focusing on the ethical design considerations in undertaking participatory research involving people from special equity groups, especially young people with disabilities and young people from Indigenous communities. Denise is also undertaking collaborative research in South Africa and she is a CI on two international projects funded through the Competitive Rated Researchers program, National Research Fund, South Africa led by the University of the Western Cape where she holds an Adjunct Professorial position. Denise is also undertaking research with the Gauteng and Limpopo Provincial Governments investigating the use of accessible ICTs to enhance student learning and increase student retention in peri-urban, rural and special needs schools in South Africa. Her work in innovative teaching and learning, and accessibility solutions for students from special equity groups has been recognised with several awards including an Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, an SA Great Award, the inaugural 2010 Telstra-TJA Christopher Newell award for Telecommunications and Disability, and several University of South Australia awards including teaching excellence, equity, community engagement and the 2014 Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences Distinguished Academic Achievement Award.

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