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Taking virtual learning to Africa

A student and his teacher in South Africa during the UniSA research visit.UniSA virtual learning expert Dr Denise Wood and a team of international researchers are undertaking research in South Africa focusing on strategies for improving learning outcomes for children in developing countries.

Dr Wood and members of the research team including Professor Noel Lindsay from the University of Adelaide and Charles Morris (UniSA contract programmer) have recently returned from a follow-up visit to South Africa’s Limpopo and Gauteng provinces.

Dr Wood said the research team, which also includes Associate Professor Sheila Scutter from James Cook University, Dr Charles Kivunja from the University of New England and Janyth Ussery from Virtual Helping Hands Inc in the US, is undertaking a pilot study to measure the impact of 3D virtual learning environments on learning outcomes, learner motivation, creativity and the self-esteem of grade four learners from socially disadvantaged schools as well as special schools in South Africa.

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